“The Psychological Reason You’re Obsessed With Squid Game”

“If you watched Squid Game in English, did you really watch Squid Game at all?”

Therapists Talk TV
“Squid Game”

Cal Psychiatry
Psych Media Night

Grace Jung

The Hatchet
Third Annual DC Comedy Festival

The Jackie Mo Show
Episode 21: Grace Jung – Scholar and Comedian

The Bechdel Cast
Parasite with Grace Jung

The Luck Club with Sean Humphries
Upper Canyonback

Native Society
Grace Jung: Stand-Up Comedian
Wynter Spears & Grace Jung

Home Alone 4 Podcast with Lizzy Cooperman
Feel Like a King

Voyage Magazine
Meet Grace Jung

The Jackie and Laurie Show
Comic of the Week 
Comic of the Week Shoutout
이렇게 웃긴데, 같이 웃깁시다

The Economist
Fighting back

The Korea Times
‘A-Town Boyz’ producer explores Asian American masculinity through gang life

The LA Review of Books
Colin Marshall interviews Grace Jung for ‘Deli Ideology’: Podcast #79

The Korea Daily/중앙일보
한인 소년이 갱이 된 이유…’정체성 혼란’ April 2015

“Fifty years on, the overachiever stereotype is still hurting Asian Americans” April 2015

WABE 90.1FM: A Closer Look with Rose Scott and Denis O’Hayer
“Atlanta’s Asian Gangs: New Film Looks at the Struggle to Fit In” April 2015

Atlanta Sun Times
“A-Town Boyz documentary portrays Asian-American gang members in Atlanta” April 2015

“Gangs of Atlanta: New Film Upends Asian ‘Model Minority Myth'” March 2015

NBC News Originals/Hulu
“‘A-Town Boyz’ Follows Gang to Tell Immigrants’ Struggles” March 2015

“‘There aren’t a lot of you out there’: What? Let’s fix our female Asian-American writer blind spot right now” January 2015

Georgia Public Broadcasting/On Second Thought
“Documentary Looks at Asian American Gang Life in Atlanta” January 2015

Angry Asian Man
“Angry Reader of the Week” January 2015

“Exclusive Interview: Eunice Lau and Grace Jung, Director and Producer of ‘A-Town Boyz'” January 2015

“Grace Jung’s debut novel ‘Deli Ideology’ explores Korean-American identity and history” November 2014

Hyphen Magazine
“Books: Grace Jung’s ‘Deli Ideology'” June 2014

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