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me & my grandmother in Korea’s countryside




IMG_0474.JPGmy grandmother picking berries for me from that tree. small, round, sweet and tart.

I’m feeling especially nostalgic these days in part due to the fall weather but also bc my grandmother’s been ill since last year. I’m her first granddaughter and she raised me during the first several years of my life at her farm house with cows, pigs, chicken, cat, bees, silkworms, chestnut trees, persimmon trees, rice patties and rows of farmland for potatoes, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, red leaf lettuce, peanuts, onions, spinach, etc. I was really happy back then. This is me visiting her nearly 2 decades later after living in New York save for seeing her on three separate occasions (once in 2003, once in 2004, and again in 2009).

Photos were taken in spring 2010 in Hapcheon, South Korea (Ssang-baek village where my mother was born).

(part two coming at 3PM EST)


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