Art, Film, Photography

photographs: nostalgia


This was taken in Jeju-do (Jeju Island). It belongs to South Korea and has palm trees that grow naturally there. This was taken in the spring 2010. I had real coconut water while trekking through the entire island on foot. This was shot digitally (Canon).


This was taken on a rainy day in Seoul. I was on top of Namsan near the tower. The rain was a misty kind, and the lighting was really beautiful for photographing. This was taken on a disposable color film Kodak.


This was taken near the East River. I took multiple exposures of the water, the Queensboro Bridge, and buildings nearby. This was shot on black and white film by a lomography Diana back in September 2010.


This was taken on a disposable color Kodak. That’s a selfie of me on the Fulbright building’s rooftop. The water tank here was dripping loads of rain water collected from the previous night. Perfect place for breeding mosquitoes. I got bit every single night while living in the Fulbright building during my residency. This was taken in spring of 2010.


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